Friday, 6 September 2013

Last Week I was Hell busy in giving my school test ....
Monday: was the "Mathematics" test according to me it went up Good  but I don't know why my teacher expects me alot ...And when I fail to pass through their expectation ... they are at my back x(
Tuesday: was Urdu test ... You know what happen...??...!! it had two sides but I was not knowing ... just 30 mins before when I turned the question sheet .. OH MY GOD ...!!! I am dead and it carried 35 marks ... But with a big B I ended my paper ... on time... :)
Wednesday:was Islamiyat test very very long and before the paper start Sir told a thing which we were not knowing and it carried 6 marks .....
Thursday : was English .. very .very.very easy .. but their is a proverb in urdu i.e. NACH NA JANA AGUN TERAH .... we had tuo translate it in English .. Honestly speaking I was not knowing the answer .. and the answer was : A BAD MAN FIGHT  FOR BAD THING :p
Friday:was Physics test .. which was very easy but we realized it when Sir explained us the question paper after giving the examination .....

Waiting for the marks on Monday..!!
Good Luck to meeh :)