Monday, 31 October 2011

Farmer and Son

A vry short story:)
An old farmer wrote 2 his innocent son in prison,

" This year I wont b able 2 plant potatoes coz i cant dig d ground, I knw if u were here u wud help me "
son replied -

" Dad dun think of digging d ground coz that's where I buried d guns "

Police reads d letter & d very next day, the whole ground was dug by police looking 4 guns, bt nothing was found.

The son wrote again " now plant ur potatoes dad, its d best I cud do 4m here "

WHERE there A WILL there is A WAY!!!


  1. amazing !!!

    His son was goddamn clever .
    Love your blog.

    Follow each other.

  2. Amazing Idea without coming at place to help!!