Saturday, 15 March 2014

Life is like a Bubble
you don't know how much far it will life you don;t know and how big it will be you don't have any guess ... So enjoy your life before the bubble BURST UP ..!! :) 

Deserted Blog

Hellow to my deserted blog .. no posting since decades .. but now I will starting posting properly after my exams ;D 

Friday, 6 September 2013

Last Week I was Hell busy in giving my school test ....
Monday: was the "Mathematics" test according to me it went up Good  but I don't know why my teacher expects me alot ...And when I fail to pass through their expectation ... they are at my back x(
Tuesday: was Urdu test ... You know what happen...??...!! it had two sides but I was not knowing ... just 30 mins before when I turned the question sheet .. OH MY GOD ...!!! I am dead and it carried 35 marks ... But with a big B I ended my paper ... on time... :)
Wednesday:was Islamiyat test very very long and before the paper start Sir told a thing which we were not knowing and it carried 6 marks .....
Thursday : was English .. very .very.very easy .. but their is a proverb in urdu i.e. NACH NA JANA AGUN TERAH .... we had tuo translate it in English .. Honestly speaking I was not knowing the answer .. and the answer was : A BAD MAN FIGHT  FOR BAD THING :p
Friday:was Physics test .. which was very easy but we realized it when Sir explained us the question paper after giving the examination .....

Waiting for the marks on Monday..!!
Good Luck to meeh :)

Sunday, 29 April 2012

I will Post!

Hellow everyone me posting after a very long time I was so busy ...I changed my school and it was very hard task for me I really miss ma friends and classmates alot But with a big B,good friends never say goodbye they say we will meet again so I am hoping I will meet all my good friends once again ! I missed my school faverell party the biggest regret ...Okay I changed my school with a big stone on my heart !! Isn't  is so sad !!So my last day at schoool was really bad ...I texted my friends that I am leaving school but no one trusted me and said me lieing ..I said as you wish then at morning everything was normal but from inside I was shedding tears then at the end of the days everyone realized that I am leaving the school then everyone  wrote their feeling on my scarf ,my best friends and a close friends gave me a painted cloth which say:    
and I was so upset........all day long I cried many times and my friends are calling me but I cannot join that school again because I have to do matric ;"(

Okay ! the day arrive I gave my admission test and sadly I succeed then My mom and I went for buying my new books and uniform.....So I got all the book but uniform was not available so we called the school back and they said that I can wear my previous school uniform  ...
My first day was God dam! bad everyone was looking at me because I was the odd one out..and everyone was asking me about my school but no one had piety on me and for one week I wore my previous school uniform and for the whole one week I was the odd one out and everyone eyes on my and gossiping like look at the dress...and look at her Blahblahblahabdblah !!
I just went in the class ,girls were having some stupid gossips and I just took the second seat and then assembly bell rang and I went out with eyes full of tears..Honestly speaking whole day along the tears were burning at the back of my eyes ...Then I a nice girls became ma friends and by one I got one more friends and till yet I have more than 7 friends but most amazing thing is that there is a girls she is exactly like me ,there people think we are twins or sister ...that's funny Isn't it and lucky she is my friends ...So tomorrow my 3rd week is about to start and my fingers crosss
How can I forget to tell you about teachers okay starting with Miss Shark ,my biology teacher she is very strict all I can say,Then come Miss salt, language teacher and My chemistry teacher is very nice ..Okay Its dinner time and down stairs my family waiting at dinning table got to go Byee!!

Sunday, 8 April 2012


Hello everyone,
Me back ,I was God dam busy and now I am finally free, now I can sleep for hours .And moreover I have now finally recovered from many disease and my active cells had their toodle-oo last few days ago and now I will going to give faverell to my senior I am excited about it  .Okay found something new ,yes I have updated blog hope you will like it .You know what I am loving this month I am so happy I have got  my own bedroom OMG i loving it  .Now I have to go because my mom is calling me from last 5 minutes and I cannot delay it any more .
Byee Take care ....

Thursday, 29 March 2012

"The school was A prison until 1979.There are bars on every window .Most of the teachers were guards at the prison ."

 Terrifying freshmen on the first day of school is a favorite pastime of many seniors
P.S. : LOL.. that's awl for brunch 

Saturday, 24 March 2012

  Some day back I got a lesson and I want to share    with you people and that is "don't try to understand everything because sometimes it is not meant to be understood,but to be accepted .

Sunday, 18 March 2012

I credence
tears can express feeling
easily than words...
and the reason
I love walking in rain is
cos no one know
I am crying.. :'(